Our Company

» Privately owned and independently operated since 1988
» Providing pension and medical benefits to all employees
» Serving New York and New Jersey
» Fleet of service vehicles
» Our commitment to stand behind every job we do
» Quality Contractor with Competitive Pricing

Personalized services for:
  » Commercial and Residential Air Conditioning & Heating Systems
  » Commercial Refrigeration & Ice Making Equipment

Mission Statement

It shall always be the goal of Commercial Cooling Service to provide our clients with the utmost in customer service. We understand that by doing our job effectively, we are providing a comfortable and healthy working atmosphere for our clients.

To this end, we shall always work under the guidance of these principles:

  • To offer employment opportunities to well trained and experienced service personnel who exhibit not only a solid understanding of customer service, but an intense desire to provide that service;
  • To engage in a program of continuing education for all service personnel to ensure expanded knowledge of contemporary technical advances;
  • To be receptive to the individual needs of each client we serve;
  • To serve our community and our industry in a position of recognized leadership;
  • To utilize only the highest quality materials in the service of existing systems and the installation of new systems;
  • To provide to our clients an honest appraisal of the best solution to their problems;
  • To recognize that the relationships we develop with our clients are the greatest resources we have;
  • To provide all of our services within the scope of competitive market pricing;
  • To expand our business in a sufficiently slow and steady manner as to always be able to provide personalized service to each client;
  • To remain loyal to our community, industry, clients and staff;
  • To strive always to live up to our promise that we do it better than anybody.